This is the fourth entry of weekly updated (bilingual) lessons on one of my favorite parts of the Japanese language, 四字熟語(よ・じ・じゅく・ご).

For this special New Year’s post, I chose a 四字熟語 that expresses one of my goals for myself and others for 2012.

ご紹介 (Introduction):



Today’s four character compound is 堅忍不抜.

堅    けん   hard/tough

忍    にん   endure

不    ふ       non

抜    ばつ   pull out/remove


This compound expresses the idea of not being conquered by hard times and having a strong enough will to continue. Basically, unshakable fortitude or perseverance.

例文 (Example Sentences):


Grandpa continued to manage the farm with perseverance.


unshakable will


Along with some good old 切磋琢磨 , I will come out this year a stronger and more confident person.  Best wishes to all.

Happy new year!




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