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Yesterday I went to Book-Off (again)!

The best part? I got everything on my list except for two books, with few impulsive purchases.

latest loot
relatively few


Usually the opposite happens, and all but two purchases are impulsive. I normally have bad luck finding stuff on my list, but I’d rather spend $30 on 10 books at Book-Off than one book at Kinokuniya.


I decided to get 陽気なギャングが地球を回す after seeing the movie. It’s about bank robbers with strange powers.

A fellow learner/translator of Japanese named Richard talked about ボッコちゃん in his blog, As The Brush Moves. I haven’t read much 星新一 in the past, but I definitely liked what I did read.

Rachel from Is It Possible? shared a link about 暗いところで待ち合わせ on Twitter (If I recall). But that was for the movie (which looks really interesting), and I just happened to see this while in Book-Off, so I figured hey why not?



レベル7!My favorite Japanese novel. I read it while at school, but I am definitely re-reading it at some point, so I decided to buy my own copy.

八日目の蝉 is one of my favorite Japanese movies, so this book has been on my list for a long time.

日本の昔話 contains nearly 100 Japanese folktales. I just happened across this one as well.



I promised myself I wouldn’t start reading クロスファイアuntil I had both parts, and I finally got part two! I actually tried to complete the set a while ago, but I didn’t remember whether I had the first or second part so I ended up buying the first part again by mistake. Looking back, common sense should’ve told me that I purchased part one first… Hm…

放課後はミステリーとおもに is by the same guy who wrote 謎解きはディナーのあとで, so I figured it’s a safe choice. I think I’m starting to sense a pattern in his book titles…



I love this mangaka’s stuff. I have the previous three 日本人の知らない日本語 books so I had to get this. 日本人なら知っておきたい日本文学 was an impulsive buy.

And I got 20% off the entire purchase, excluding 日本人の知らない日本語4 which was brand new.

I think I might have a strange sixth sense that tells me when Book Off is having ridiculous sales. Or maybe Book-Off always has ridiculous sales.


Now to read all this stuff…

Author: Koyami

I'm Koyami. I am a freelance Japanese-English Translator and I enjoy learning new skills and reading in my spare time. Current pursuits include juggling, piano, and collecting all of the 十二国記 books. Follow me on Twitter and Google+ for blog updates, my Japanese word of the day, and more!

  • Anon85

    Rachel mentioned 暗いところで待ち合わせ on Nayugen and then I mentioned in the comments that it was based off the book by 乙一 who is a good, easy author to read so enjoy! I look forward to hearing what you think of it as I have some of his other works.

    • Thanks for the comment, Anon85!

      I’d never heard of 乙一 so thanks for posting on Nayugen. It’s always good to find new authors. Are there any works in particular you would recommend?

      • Anon85

        I’ve only read his short stories so far (from ZOO1) as I have other books I want to read before I get to his novels.

  • lumiina

    I just got 暗いところで待ち合わせ, the novel, myself as well! After I finish 少年少女飛行倶楽部 I’m reading this one!

    I wish I lived near book-off! But at least I can make it to Japan once or twice a year. I stock up then. Nice seeing what you bought! Pumps me up for reading as well. Unless I ship from Kinokuniya, I plan to get レベル7! the next time I’m there this winter.

    • Thanks for the comment, Rachel!

      Be sure to let me know how the book is! I still have quite a lot to do before I can get to it (like attempting to make a mad dash to my 多読 goal).

      If I had to choose between living near Book-Off and being able to go to Japan once or twice a year, I’d definitely choose the latter. 羨ましいですよ!

  • Dave

    My first thought after reading this was いいィィねぇ I wish I lived near a BookOff (or any Japanese bookstore). Sadly shipping from KinoKuniya is my only option.

    • Have you tried YesAsia? Right now they have free shipping for orders over $25. Only certain items are eligible, but I think it’s still worth checking out.