Photo of my Week 2 – 神戸ルミナリエ

This past Friday, I went to see the illuminations in Kobe.  They end on the 12th, and some friends were planning on going, so I just tagged along.
It was really cold, but really worth the travel.
A Japanese explanation of the memorial, taken from a pamphlet, follows.

Photo of My Week 1 – Asakusa


Loved Asakusa.  Maybe it was because I spent the previous few days in Akiba, Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Ikebukuro.  I was happy to see more old Japan culture.

It was also really crowded, but it was cool ’cause an old lady waved to me and said “Hi”.

Anyways, yeah, photo time.

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Quick Update 1:お寺、お茶、おにぎり





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