Book Off, it’s been too long.

I have a very long memo in my phone. This memo is a list of books I want to read. Yesterday I was able to go to Book Off for the first time in a really long time and luckily, I found quite a few books on my list. The best part is that most of them were in the $1.00 area. Yay cheap stuff!

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Study for the 漢字検定 Online. For Free!

I’m alive! And surprised I haven’t written about this amazing Japanese resource before. One of my super long-term goals in Japanese is to pass the highest level of the 漢字検定. Having a site like this that has a lot of study problems is really nice, even if you don’t plan on taking the 漢字検定.

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November Bookmeter Stats

You may have noticed I haven’t been doing a lot of book reading lately. I’ve been playing around with a program for reading foreign texts as well as spending a lot of time studying and listening to Mandarin. But my bookshelf is getting a little lonely. It’s already a few days into December, but I plan on getting through at least three books that have been on my queue for a while now.

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October Bookmeter Stats

Last month was yet another Tadoku contest, but I actually didn’t get much reading done. I’ve been busy with several projects but that’s all I can say about that right now. Anyways, I got through a great novel and some manga, in addition to all the reading that can’t be logged in 読書メーター. As always, you can find my thoughts on the stories below the links.

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