Goi App Review

About a month ago I was contacted by a company looking for people to test its new app for learning Japanese vocabulary.  I jumped at the chance to try a new tool and I agreed to write a fair, balanced review for the app in the hopes that others would become aware of a new tool in the Japanese learning arsenal. Then I got really sick and didn’t do anything for over a month. But now that I’m feeling  better, I’ll go ahead and post this review.

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100 Random Sources of Japanese Input

To celebrate my 100th post here, I’ve decided to share the 100 things I’ve enjoyed in/about the Japanese language. These are manga, songs, games, books, learning resources, websites, videos, and podcasts. Those of you who check the blog regularly will recognize a few of these. Here’s to hoping you get something new out of it!

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【日本語】Random Transcription 1

During my Japanese classes we sometimes had to do transcription exercises.  I tended to not enjoy them because, honestly, I sucked at transcription. I still do, but I consider it a really useful exercise for several reasons.

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