Steins;Gate Character Description: Suzuha Amane

For my first free (read: quick, rough)translation, I chose the character description of Suzuha Amane, my favorite character from Steins;Gate, which I recently finished reading/playing* (and highly recommend).

Taken from the Steins;Gate entry on Wikipedia Japan.

Oh yeah, stop here if you don’t like spoilers.

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Intro to My Translation Projects

I want to be a translator.

I need experience.

I’ve decided to take some initiative and try doing fun little projects to see what it feels like to translate text.  All my projects will be Japanese-English translations.

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This is the fourth entry of weekly updated (bilingual) lessons on one of my favorite parts of the Japanese language, 四字熟語(よ・じ・じゅく・ご).

For this special New Year’s post, I chose a 四字熟語 that expresses one of my goals for myself and others for 2012.

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