Challenge, Failure, Progression, Success

Remember that reading challenge I gave myself?


Yeah…..about that…..

Well, here are the results:



Yup. I finished two books. Out of the nine. I failed. Miserably.


And I couldn’t be more excited!


Yes, that’s right.  This challenge has been incredibly rewarding for me in many ways, which I will now share with you.

New author

Getting a lot of books and eliminating the ones that weren’t that interesting gave me exposure to a lot of authors I’d never heard of.

One I’d like to highlight is 赤川次郎, specifically his mystery/comedy series about the married couple where the wife is a detective and the husband is a thief. I’m almost done with one of the books (本日は泥棒日和), and I will be on lookout for the rest while I am back in New York.

New knowledge

This is not really related to language learning or this blog specifically, but I now know the Japanese Literature section of my school library like the back of my hand.  Though I only finished two books, I started/sampled about 80% of my school’s collection, which is no small feat.

Now, I won’t lie and say that the total number pages I read makes up for it, since I specifically said my goal was to finish books. And to be honest, the total number of pages I read probably doesn’t add up to the original total I proposed. No BS here, folks!



I failed. Big time. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get anything good from the experience. If there’s one thing to take from this, it’s that even complete failure can have some benefits. I’ve touched on this topic before, though in a slightly different context.

Also, more people should blog about their failures.

Also, my next post will be my traditional pre-tadoku pump-up post. (YES, IT’S BACK! CAPS LOCK MEANS I’M EXCITED!) here it is


Happy Winter Times!




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