Learn Korean in Japanese!

Today I will share a resource that I downloaded a long time ago, but only started using recently.  It’s a podcast for Japanese speakers who want to learn Korean.  Read on to find out why I think it is a worthwhile resource.

The podcast is  チョアヨ!韓国語.  Those of you who can read korean might recognize the first part of the title as 좋아요, assuming you can also read kana.

The thing I like about this podcast is that it seems to be made for Japanese who have been lost in the riptide of the Hallyu Wave(In a good way).

What does this mean for the podcast?

Fortunately, this means you are learning everyday, commonly spoken Korean.  The things people say in dramas.  Simple phrases. You can literally go out and use the things you learn right away.

The first few episodes focus on simple phrases. Later on, you also learn more practical stuff that you can use if you go to Korea, such as longer sentences, more sentence patterns, and other good stuff.[1]

Also, partway through the podcast, another host joins and so listening to the two hosts converse in Korean is really cool. But there are plenty of interactive elements as well.

And the hosts have really good voices! [2]

You can download it here from the Japanese iTunes store:




Author: Koyami

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