Learning Journal

This is a random idea I came up with.  This page will have more personal learning goals/achievements/wins written down.  Keeping track of my progress could help with the motivation thing. I’ll also use this to practice some Japanese writing.  If things are wrong/strange/typo’d please leave a comment!

2010年8月1日:Started studying Japanese.

Sometime in late October/early November:  Took my learning outside of classroom material. Start of real self-study.

2010年12月10日: 2042漢字を学びました。

2010年12月18日: Switched to using monolingual dictionaries.

2011年1月4日: 初めて漫画を読んでしまいました!Read my first manga!

2011年1月9日:2番目の漫画を読んでしまいました!Finished my second manga!


2011年1月21日:In Progress: Using this site to get more familiar with 敬語(honorific, humble, and polite forms), ニコニコ動画に登録しました。


2011年2月1日:First 多読コンテスト finished!  I learned a lot.  Looking forward to the next one! Score: 492.17 pages!

2011年2月18日:四字熟語 are awesome reading practice!

2011年3月1日:Got accepted to a study abroad program.  Looks like I’ll be spending my Junior year in Kyoto!

2011年3月13日:Started playing with my Nintendo DS again.  Kanji games are so much more fun.  頑張れ日本!

2011年5月1日:Another 多読コンテスト finished!  More than doubled my score from last time!! Score: 1033.42

2011年5月3日:Started a new study experiment:  CD-Vocab Double Whammy. Post coming soon!

2011年6月19日:初めて日本語での夢を見た! I think I’m getting somewhere with this…

2011年6月23日:Started a new 多読 experiment!  Details here.

2011年7月31日:Another 多読コンテスト finished!  More than doubled my score from last time!! AGAIN!!!! Score: 2162.59








2012年7月21日:Ordered an e-reader.  目をやさしくしないとね



2012年9月20日:Started a new reading challenge.

2012年9月30日: Changed the challenge to make it not boring.

2013年1月1日: Another Tadoku Contest has started!

2013年1月12日: Started Cantonese…





2013年12月1日:Started watching a Chinese comedy, 武林外传. This is the spark I needed to kick my studies up a notch. そして全体的に勉強にもっと努力しています。

  • Hey man, I like the blog! Curious to see how you went to strictly monolingual. Been trying to see what people have been doing in that regard. Did you use Heisig to learn the 2042 Kanji or another method?


    • Hello Marcus. Thank you for the comment! And sorry for the wall of text.

      Going monolingual was really confusing at first, since I only had the Heisig keywords to help me figure out definitions of words. But I think those keywords go a long way in the beginning of the monolingual phase. I started out by looking up words I already knew, words like 行く, 食べ物, or 家. If the definitions contained words I didn’t know(but wanted to know), I would add that definition to my Anki deck. Otherwise, I would just read the definition using Heisig keywords and move on. It’s probably worth mentioning that I skipped a lot of definitions. I probably skipped more than I made new cards. Dictionaries are nice in that you will see a lot of the same words over and over, regardless of what word you’re looking up. Of course, you can always use a bilingual dictionary until you feel like making the switch. That switch was just something I wanted to avoid altogether. I usually have that sort of dive in head first approach to trying new stuff. I learned the first 2000 or so using the Heisig Method, skipped RTK2 and continued RTK3 while doing sentences.

      Sometimes I ramble, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.