Links: Multilingual

This page is for links to resources that deal with multiple languages, or sites that can be useful regardless of what language you’re studying.



  • — I am all about the free stuff.  This site has many resources that are useful for  learning languages.  Just search “[Language] Grammar” or “[Language] Sentences”.  You can also pay a small fee to download them.  Pay $9 for a month of the service, download hundreds of dollars worth of books.  Why not?
  • Anki —  My SRS (Spaced Repetition Software)  of choice. Great for learning languages.  Highly recommended.
  • Twitter — I’ve written a guide about how to get the most out of Twitter to enhance your language skills.
  • FSI Online Courses — A great site with lots of free resources for over 40 languages. It contains textbooks, workbooks, and audio downloads.

Methods, Motivation, and Other Bloggers:

  • All Japanese All The Time — Very motivational, very entertaining.  This was where I got my start in serious(ly fun) language learning.  Don’t be fooled by the title, this site is useful for anyone learning a language.
  • Read More or Die — Reading is fundamental.  There are extensive reading (aka 多読) contests a few times each year.  I will be taking part in each one.  I highly urge you all to do the same. Check the dates for the contests and sign up.  Any language goes.
  • Language Musings —  A blog created by someone who speaks Japanese, German, and Spanish.
  • Page F30 — A blog by someone who is fluent in Japanese and Korean. He is also proficient in several other languages.
  • Languagewanderer — A blogger and youtuber who speaks Polish and English and studies, Norwegian,  Chinese, and Russian.
  • Smart Language Learner — A blogger who speaks three languages.  His site contains lots of practical tips for increasing your efficiency when it comes to studying.




  • Naver 韓国語辞書 — (Japanese)  An online dictionary full of example sentences.  Highly recommended.




  • 韓国語講座 — (Japanese) A really nice resource for beginner and intermediate learners and travelers.
  • Korean Language Education Center — A site with 20 units of elementary korean.  A good place to get the basics down.
  • LP’s Korean Language Guide —  Imagine if Tae Kim made a guide to Korean.  This would probably be it.
  • FSI: Korean Basic Course — Lessons created by the FSI for those learning Korean.
  • KoreanLab — A site filled with reading designed for elementary school students. A great place to use the “Pure” Extensive Reading Method. Read my introduction to it here.

Apps and Other Resources:


  • (APP) Viki – An app that gives you access to dramas, movies, and music from several different countries.  Read my introduction to it here.

Bloggers Studying Korean

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