Learning Links I’ve Liked Lately

All alliteration aside, …um…

Anyways, I’ve come across a lot a awesome resources for learning Japanese lately, so I think it would be appropriate to share them with all of you.

Here we go!

論文お書き方: How to write a paper

First up is for all of you advanced students who have to write papers in Japanese. Formal papers, not like “This is why I started learning Japanese” papers. We’re ALL tired of those papers. The site is made of of 56 sections that go into detail on proper Japanese paper etiquette. It is entirely in Japanese, but then again, if you’re writing papers that shouldn’t be a problem. Check it out.

自動詞と他動詞: Intransitive and Transitive Verbs

I still get these mixed up sometimes, usually because I don’t have a lot of experience actually using the word in question. An embarrassing mistake is quite the teacher, but it’s also good to do a little studying before that inevitable moment. This page contains a table with a bunch of intransitive/transitive verb pairs. I would recommend making up some sentences using these words or finding them online as opposed to memorizing the table, but it’s still a really valuable reference. Check it out.

Cultural Interviews with Japanese- Speaking Professionals

Let me just say that this site is absolutely incredible. I’ll just let the site speak for itself here:

Cultural Interviews with Japanese-Speaking Executives is a compilation of brief video clips in which Japanese and Japanese-speaking executives discuss cultural issues that are of interest to North Americans. The objective of the interviews is three-fold: First, provide practical cultural information about business topics. The opinions represent those of real people. At times they are even contradictory, but they are designed to be a catalyst for discussion, not a definitive answer about some stereotype. Second, the interviews provide vocabulary in areas within a professional setting. The interviews present diverse vocabulary within the context of each individual’s comments. Third, these materials provide non-native speakers of Japanese with multiple examples of natural speech, illustrating the way that speakers really talk.

Learn lots of practical (business) vocabulary while listening to real people speak real Japanese. The best part? Exact transcripts. In Japanese. Yes.


Check it out.

image source: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/josh-brewster/video-josh-brewsters-one-on-one-with-bill-whittle/victory-2/

What resources have you found lately? Feel free to leave a comment and share! And if you’d like to hear of these resources before I make a roundup post, follow me on Twitter!

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