How I Use My SRS

Hello all and 今晩は。This is just a quick post to share my SRS formats.  If you have any ideas for other formats, I’m open to experimentation.  In fact, that’s the part that keeps me going.  Finding out new things, keeping what works, trashing what doesn’t.  For now, I use two decks, one for kanji and one for everything else (vocab, sentences, production).  I will probably combine them at some point.  Anyways, here are some examples of cards I use.

By the way, my SRS of choice is Anki.

Kanji Cards:

These cards have probably gone though the most changes. At first I started with the Modded Lazy Kanji Method.  I used it to learn the RTK1 Kanji.  Then I switched to having the entire story and keyword on the front, with the kanji on the back.  I used this format for the RTK3 Kanji.  I haven’t switched all of my kanji cards to one type or the other yet, since I’m not yet sure about my format preference.

Everything Else Cards:

For these cards, I created different card templates for each type of card I include (production/cloze deletions, reading, names of people/places).  I will discuss these cards in their own (future) posts.

Author: Koyami

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