Steins;Gate Character Description: Suzuha Amane

For my first free (read: quick, rough)translation, I chose the character description of Suzuha Amane, my favorite character from Steins;Gate, which I recently finished reading/playing* (and highly recommend).

Taken from the Steins;Gate entry on Wikipedia Japan.

Oh yeah, stop here if you don’t like spoilers.

Source text:

阿万音 鈴羽(あまね すずは)

声 – 田村ゆかり






My translation:

Suzuha Amane

Voiced by Yukari Tamura

Age: 18  Date of Birth: 9/27/2017(Libra).

Blood Type: O Height: 5 ft 4 in(163cm)

Weight: 112.4 lbs(51kg)

BWH: 31/23/34

Future Gadget Laboratory’s Labomen (Laboratory Member) No.008

Part time worker at Braun Tube Studio, located downstairs from Future Gadget Laboratory.  An energetic girl who loves mountain bikes.  She is always wearing a 70’s-style vintage jersey. Has a knack for taking care of and opening up others, but for some reason she seems to dislike Kurisu from the start.

Skilled in hand to hand combat and knowledgeable of survival skills, she calls herself a ”full-fledged soldier”(which is why Okabe calls her “Part-time Job Soldier”). Her speech and wording are a little strange, as she often uses odd phrases and always calls everyone by their full name.  In addition, she doesn’t know how to ride a train and only recently got her first cell phone.  She experienced culture shock in Akihabara and even though she rides motorcycles, she has never used a bicycle.  She is eccentric and seems to be ignorant about certain aspects of modern society. But that is because she is not from the present. She is a time traveller who came from the year 2036 using a time machine.  She is a member of the future resistance group, “ Valkyrie”.  On the Internet she uses the handle name “John Titor” and contacts Okabe while keeping her identity secret.

In Hiyoku Renri no Darling, she is a Labomen and has no hostility towards Kurisu.

She is considered the “backstage” protagonist.  Came in 3rd place in Dengenki Online’s June 2011 Character Popularity Ranking.

Author: Koyami

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