The Tadoku Contest is Back!

Reading in a foreign language can be an intimidating task for any language learner, regardless of level.  There will always be harder material to read. Extensive reading is a staple of language learning for a lot of people, and it is gaining popularity through the web. And what better way to kick off the new year than with a month of extensive reading?


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【日本語】A Change To the Challenge

Earlier this month I announced a challenge that I created to get more genuine book reading time in. Basically, the challenge was to read nine books that I borrowed from the library before they were due back.

Well, after serious consideration, I realized why this challenge was flawed from the start…

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【日本語】Yet Another Reading Challenge

I love reading, so much so that I originally made a typo when writing the title: “Read Another Reading Challenge”. I also like challenges. It’s one of the many reasons I took up Japanese in the first place.

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