Tadoku: Experimental Round 1

So, I didn’t make a pre-Tadoku post like I usually do, so here’s a 多読コンテスト中 post.  This one is actually 2-week experiment, and our total page count won’t be affected by this contest.  But that’s no reason not to sign up.  Registration is still open(and will stay that way until the 24th, so get on it!) Details below.

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Tadoku Round 4: Showdown in Kyoto

I already know I won’t be reading much because I’ll be too busy practicing my speaking with my host mom, dad, and several strangers.  And possibly a takoyaki stand owner, but that’s a story for another post.

Still gonna try to shoot for the goal I set for myself at the end of the last round, 4325.18 pages(!!).

That’s a lot of manga reading to and from school.

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