Study for the 漢字検定 Online. For Free!

I’m alive! And surprised I haven’t written about this amazing Japanese resource before. One of my super long-term goals in Japanese is to pass the highest level of the 漢字検定. Having a site like this that has a lot of study problems is really nice, even if you don’t plan on taking the 漢字検定.

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【日本語】TV For Kanji Geeks

Despite everything I heard in my early stages of learning Japanese, kanji is my favorite part of learning the language.

Recently inspired by someone I look up to as a language learner and translator, I’ve been even more intense about my Kanji studies.

I recommend the following TV shows for picking up some Kanji-related stuff you probably don’t know.

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How I Use My SRS

Hello all and 今晩は。This is just a quick post to share my SRS formats.  If you have any ideas for other formats, I’m open to experimentation.  In fact, that’s the part that keeps me going.  Finding out new things, keeping what works, trashing what doesn’t.  For now, I use two decks, one for kanji and one for everything else (vocab, sentences, production).  I will probably combine them at some point.  Anyways, here are some examples of cards I use.

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