Tadoku Round 4: Showdown in Kyoto

I already know I won’t be reading much because I’ll be too busy practicing my speaking with my host mom, dad, and several strangers.  And possibly a takoyaki stand owner, but that’s a story for another post.

Still gonna try to shoot for the goal I set for myself at the end of the last round, 4325.18 pages(!!).

That’s a lot of manga reading to and from school.

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【日本語】Tadoku Round 3: 作戦開始!

I can’t believe I almost forgot to post my traditional pre-tadoku contest strategy-that-I-never-stick-to-anyway.  I’ll blame work and 戦場のヴァルキュリア2. Anyways, another tadoku contest is starting up tomorrow (quickly sign up if you haven’t) and I can’t wait to get my read on.

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【日本語】The First and Last Time I Ever Questioned My Progress

I was frustrated..

Some amount of time ago, I was sitting in front of my laptop.  I had just finished my SRS reps for the day, and I was frustrated.

“I still don’t know anything!”

“I can’t say what I want, when I want.”

“I still freeze and stumble over my words.”

“Will I ever understand all of this?”

Yes, I was being really dramatic.  For some reason, I just suddenly lost it.  I was ready to give up.

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Tadoku Round 2: Aftermath

The second round of Tadoku is over.


This is exciting for two reasons:

  1. I more than doubled my reading count from the last contest.
  2. Apparently, if I wake up early, stay in my room, and don’t look up words I don’t know, I can read hundreds of pages in a single day.  Yes, this is how I spent the last days of Tadoku Round II.  My head still hurts a little bit.

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