Self-Study and the Classroom: Introduction

Hello hello.

You crazy awesome language learners have heard it all before: Classes are terrible for learning a language.

Although I tend to agree to some extent, I have to say that having access to native speakers and other learners who are genuinely interested in learning on a daily basis is very encouraging.  In fact, that’s what class is to me now, not a time to learn necessarily, but a time to simply add more fuel to the “I-wanna-learn-Japanese” fire.  Even so, I’ll learn new stuff sometimes.  But that’s not what this post is about.

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Remember the “Self”

In an age of Internet Language Gurus, I’m noticing a disturbing trend among some language learners.

I think many people are forgetting the “self” aspect of self-study.

Taking a break from laughing at 医龍*, I decided to have a look see around some language blogs.  It’s just something I do from time to time. It’s part of my “always experimenting” mentality.  Anyways, I’m browsing the forums of said blogs, and what I saw was shocking, disappointing, and rather frustrating.

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【日本語】Going Monolingual

I decided I would make my transition into using monolingual sources for my Japanese acquisition.  It’s only been a few days, but I think this is the way to go.  It just feels really good to look up a definition, see a line of kanji, and say “I can figure this out.”

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What My Nephew Taught Me About Learning Languages

This post has been chillin’ in draft limbo for a few months now.  It’s time to release it.  Actually, it should’ve been released a while ago.  But I’m finding it even more relevant now that I’ve switched up my study habits.  But at the same time, I don’t really want to publish it, because it’s old news.  But then again, people just starting out could possibly benefit from this, which is the entire point of this blog.  I’m so indecisive (or am I?)

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Progress leads to Motivation leads to Progress….

Hello world!  I have some imporant news.  I can’t spel.

But seriously, I have some awesome news and I have to share it now!

Today I felt the results of my new “study schedule”!  And I just poked myself in the eye, so this will be typed with my left hand. (I’m right-handed.)

It’s hard to feel like you’re actually learning when you’re just enjoying yourself, but today showed me that yes, it is happening.  I am learning.  I am not aware of it.  And that’s the best feeling.  So, if you don’t feel like you’re making progress, here’s the secret:

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Serious Learning – Immersion

Hello all!

I have joined the legion of people who use immersion as part of their language learning routine.  I like to call them the Immersioneers.  And as a direct result of this change, I’m finally taking everything more seriously by, of course, having more fun.  After all, that’s the best way to learn, right?

I also realized why my progress in Japanese had felt so unsatisfactory.  I was only learning in class, and only studying what I “learned” in class.

Studying Latin didn’t really give me a chance to try out immersion as a learning technique, so this is my first attempt at such a technique.  (Actually, I guess Korean was my first attempt at immersion learning, though I’m only realizing it now as I type this…)  Anyways, to the point!

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