100 Random Sources of Japanese Input

To celebrate my 100th post here, I’ve decided to share the 100 things I’ve enjoyed in/about the Japanese language. These are manga, songs, games, books, learning resources, websites, videos, and podcasts. Those of you who check the blog regularly will recognize a few of these. Here’s to hoping you get something new out of it!

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Studying Abroad: Breaking/Avoiding the Bubble in 7 Steps

I’m a quiet guy.

That’s exactly why I threw myself into the most uncomfortable position possible for an introverted language learner: studying abroad.

But even I know that staying in my room for eight months would be もったいない(a waste) to the highest degree.  That’s why I’m writing about how I avoided doing that and how others like me can change themselves to get the most out studying abroad without actually doing anything drastic.

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