Twitter: 5 Steps to a Better L2


Love it or hate it, it’s playing a big role all over the internetz right now.  This is a short post about 5 ways you can use Twitter to get better at your L2.  Any of you language learners who already have a Twitter account are most likely already doing some of these things, but you should read it anyway. Then get back to your L2.

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How I Use My SRS

Hello all and 今晩は。This is just a quick post to share my SRS formats.  If you have any ideas for other formats, I’m open to experimentation.  In fact, that’s the part that keeps me going.  Finding out new things, keeping what works, trashing what doesn’t.  For now, I use two decks, one for kanji and one for everything else (vocab, sentences, production).  I will probably combine them at some point.  Anyways, here are some examples of cards I use.

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