Tadoku Time!!

Just a few more days until Tadoku!!

Tadoku (多読) is basically extensive reading.  There is a very good summary about it here.

I’m really excited for this competition.  I don’t expect to place very well, especially considering there are well over 70 participants, but that’s not the point of the contest (at least not for me).  I just want to get into the habit of reading Japanese everyday, and I think doing it for a month will be long enough to make it a habit.  Perfect.  I went to Kinokuniya a few days ago to buy some manga, so I’m really excited.  Flipping through the pages, I found that there is furigana for all of the kanji, which is both good and bad, I think.

Well, I’ll see you in February, assuming I’ll be too busy reading to do anything else.  Except eating and sleeping.  Maybe showering.  We’ll see.

Happy New Year/Holidays/Tadoku