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Just a short update.

First, I’ve always had lots of respect for Tae Kim, creator of the Japanese Grammar guide, an incredible, free resource.  I decided to finally check out his blog.  I  eventually landed on this post about how he posts words he learns on twitter.  So I decided I would give it a shot.

For one thing, it’s just another way to get exposure to Japanese (looking for example sentences online).

It could also be useful for other learners of Japanese.


So I started doing it about a week ago now, and I’m finding it really fun.  So fun, in fact, that I’ve decided to do the same thing with Korean and Mandarin.  If you’re interested in seeing daily Japanese, Korean, or Mandarin words complete with examples of use, feel free to follow me.

Edit: Long story short, after a while of doing Words Of the Day for Mandarin and Korean, I have decided that I would benefit more from studying at this point.  The Korean and Mandarin words of the day will return, someday.

If you decide to start doing it yourself, leave a comment with your twitter name so I can follow you too!

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Twitter: 5 Steps to a Better L2


Love it or hate it, it’s playing a big role all over the internetz right now.  This is a short post about 5 ways you can use Twitter to get better at your L2.  Any of you language learners who already have a Twitter account are most likely already doing some of these things, but you should read it anyway. Then get back to your L2.

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