Study for the 漢字検定 Online. For Free!

I’m alive! And surprised I haven’t written about this amazing Japanese resource before. One of my super long-term goals in Japanese is to pass the highest level of the 漢字検定. Having a site like this that has a lot of study problems is really nice, even if you don’t plan on taking the 漢字検定.

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【한국어】Koreanlab’s Readers

I found a great site for reading practice.

Basically, it is an online graded reader made for students, starting from elementary and continuing through high school, so you can start from the beginning of your studies.

It starts off with just learning how to pronounce the 한글, then it moves on to vocabulary and eventually sentences and short stories. It even starts including Hanja, the Chinese characters used in Korean.

You can check it out here.

If you can’t yet read Korean, click on where it says 초등학교 (elementary school). It should be the second item in the menu at the top of the page. You can just start there and move through the items at your own pace. Then you can move on to 중학교 (middle school)and 고등학교(high school).


This is a great resource for anyone using the “pure” tadoku approach.