Tadoku Round 3: Aftermath

Yet another month has passed.

Another awesome month of crazy Japanese improvement.

I once again reached my goal of doubling my page count from the previous contest and I have to say, I think I could’ve tripled it.

There was a lot of down time (drama watching, game playing)during the middle of the month.  I could’ve spent that time reading, but I’m not worried about it.

This only means that reaching my goal again will be that much easier the next round(hopefully).


I finished my first book during this contest!  時を駆かける少女

I’ve always wanted to see the movie but never got around to it.  I figured I’d just read it instead.  I was surprised at how much I understood.  The only things I wrote down were the character names when they first appeared.  And I didn’t even need that note after the third time (or so) reading it.

What I learned from this round

Steins;Gate is awesome and I will finish it before I leave for Kyoto.

The 3rd Birthday is awesome.  Too short though.

I can now finish several manga in a day.  (In January, it took me several days to finish one.)

Books are within my range. (And if they’re not I can always brute-force it. Thanks Anki!)

Ironically, I learned a lot about how important using Anki is to my study habits, but that’s probably something for another post.


I’m excited for the next contest, although I think reaching my goal again will be very difficult, ironically because I’ll be in Japan.  The thing is, I want to spend as much time as possible talking and interacting with people while I’m there.  For now, my goal will still be to double my count from the previous contest.  I guess that would make this next goal 4325.18 pages.  Sounds quite daunting, especially since more than half of my pages from this last contest came from gaming.  But we’ll see what happens.


Another tip of the hat to @lordsilent for another awesome contest!


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