Tadoku Round 1: Aftermath

The 多読 Contest is officially over!

I had a lot of fun reading this past month, and I have noticed vast improvements.

You can check out the results here.

I came in 36th place out of 99 readers.  Since this was my first contest, I’m happy with where I placed.  I’m even more happy that I’ve developed a new habit.  I always carry a manga with me, and I even got hold of some visual novels for my iPhone.

“Medium Champ” titles were given out to contestants who read the most in a certain category.  Turns out I got the Medium Champ title for reading the most NicoNico comments during the contest. (18 hours! There will be a follow-up post on how I did that exactly, introducing one of my new favorite ways to stay immersed in Japanese!)

I recommend anyone learning ANY language to take part in the next one, as I have personally experienced numerous benefits from this contest, including:

  • Increase in kanji reading recognition.
  • Increase in vocabulary.
  • Increase in target language material (manga, visual novels, websites, games, books).
  • Reading in target language now a daily habit/addiction.
  • Momentum/Confidence to keep reading.

HUGE Thank you to @lordsilent for setting up this contest.  Can’t wait for the next one!

Author: Koyami

I'm Koyami. I am a freelance Japanese-English Translator and I enjoy learning new skills and reading in my spare time. Current pursuits include learning Mandarin Chinese, getting familiar with Blender, and collecting all of the 十二国記 books. Follow me on Twitter and Google+ for blog updates, my Japanese word of the day, and more!