Building Intuition and Listening Skills in a Foreign Language with Transcription

For the purposes of this post, I will define transcription simply as the act of writing down text given the audio. I’ve been doing it for a while now and I think there are several advantages to incorporating transcription into your study regimen.

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【日本語】Random Transcription 1

During my Japanese classes we sometimes had to do transcription exercises.  I tended to not enjoy them because, honestly, I sucked at transcription. I still do, but I consider it a really useful exercise for several reasons.

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How I Do NOT Learn Languages

This is one of those “mistake” posts, cause language learning isn’t all good stuff.  Sometimes I screw up.  Then I share it with you guys.


I’d been ignoring my SRS for a while now, and I decided to change things up.  First, I noticed that while I was flying through 100-300 reps from my Japanese deck everyday, I would cringe at the mere thought of doing 30 reps from my Korean deck.  Now what the heck was going on?

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New Experiment: Extensive Reading

Don’t be fooled by the title.  I’ve been using extensive reading in my studies for a while now.  But I’d like to try some new things, mostly inspired by another extensive reader I recently came across online, Liana.  I really recommend you check out her blog.  This post in particular is very useful for Japanese learning extensive readers.

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Self-Study and the Classroom: Introduction

Hello hello.

You crazy awesome language learners have heard it all before: Classes are terrible for learning a language.

Although I tend to agree to some extent, I have to say that having access to native speakers and other learners who are genuinely interested in learning on a daily basis is very encouraging.  In fact, that’s what class is to me now, not a time to learn necessarily, but a time to simply add more fuel to the “I-wanna-learn-Japanese” fire.  Even so, I’ll learn new stuff sometimes.  But that’s not what this post is about.

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