和製英語の罠 その1:コインパーキング

 Have you ever heard of “coin parking”?

I hadn’t, until I started learning Japanese.  I don’t remember ever using the phrase “coin parking”. Metered parking? Parking meter? Sure. I haven’t seen one in a while, but sure, I’ve said it. Coin parking?! コインパーキング!?Not so much.

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【抄訳】Interview With an English-Japanese Translator

I will be posting more translations of things I find interesting on the web. Just to be clear, these are just done in my free time. The first one is an interview with a woman who does English-Japanese translation.

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Index Translationum

Index Translationum is a list of books translated and published in the UNESCO Member States between 1979 and 2009. The website also contains statistics about the most translated authors as well as the most popular source and target languages.

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