Tadoku Round 2: Not an April Fools’ Prank

April 1st is almost here, and you (probably) know what that means….

TADOKU.  多読。Reading.  All Day Long.  Language Acquisition.  New Learning Methods.  Trash-Talk. Twitter.

What?  Read on, friend.

First of all, you can read about what 多読 actually is here.

I wrote a post about the previous Tadoku contest, but I figure this time I’d try to organize my materials and such.

The Challenge:

During January’s Tadoku contest, I didn’t have classes, frisbee practice, or a need to shower.  This time I have all of that stuff.  I’m really looking forward to taking full advantage of all the time I have available.  This contest will probably serve as a reminder of how much time I really have in a day.

The Goal:

My placing is irrelevant. 1000 pages is my goal.  That’s more than double my amount from January’s contest.  Considering the fact that I will have at least 5~6 hours that cannot be used for reading (frisbee, homework, and classes) everyday, this will be a challenge.  My method is generally to aim really high, so even if I don’t reach my goal, I will still improve a lot.  But this time is different.  I will reach 1000 pages.

The Materials:

This time around I have new additions to my arsenal.


  • バクマン(v.1-5)
  • 聖おにいさん(v.1-4)
  • 機動戦士ガンダム00
  • フロントミッション:ドッグライフアンドドッグスタイル
  • 獣神演武 -HERO TALES-
  • 浦安鉄筋家族


  • モンスターハンターポータブル3rd(PSP)
  • Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time (PS2)


The Changes:

Last contest I got most of my pages from subs, if I remember correctly.  Now that all of those shows have been watched, I’m going to focus on reading text from books and games.  I am going to try to avoid re-reading stuff if possible, unless it’s just too fun to abandon.

The Conclusion:

Directions for signing up are  here.  Do it.  If you are learning any language, I’d recommend it.

Author: Koyami

I'm Koyami. I am a freelance Japanese-English Translator and I enjoy learning new skills and reading in my spare time. Current pursuits include learning Mandarin Chinese, getting familiar with Blender, and collecting all of the 十二国記 books. Follow me on Twitter and Google+ for blog updates, my Japanese word of the day, and more!